Sunscreen Pills for Skin Care

Over the past decade or so, there’s been lots of focus on skin protection. As we learn more about the different ways ultraviolet (UV) radiation affects our bodies, it’s becoming increasingly more important to find better, more efficient ways to safeguard our skin.

For a long time, the standard in sun-associated skin damage has been sunscreen, or sunblock.

Sunblocks, while very powerful, are not perfect, yet. Sunscreen in the type of lotions and oils often feels creamy and oily and is difficult to apply on one’s own, notably for the back. Most are made with aromas like coconut and ocean-scent, but are usually overpowering.

Recent additions to the sunscreen arsenal have transformed how we use our sunblocks, though. In particular, the sunscreen pill, a sunblock supplement, has made a tremendous impact. Before, we would have to reapply messy sunblocks routinely during a day in the shore, some more often than others according to the SPF.

Sunscreen pills, however, enhance the effects of conventional topical sunblocks. With a sunscreen pill in conjunction with a lotion or oil can make it so that you just don’t have to be worried about your own sunblock as often–reducing the amount of cluttered, sticky, and often challenging times you need to remember to reapply.

The future of sun protection products is a bright one. As these advancements become available, it’s significant that we all take note. Sun-related skin damage can bring about many long term issues for people, so why take any chances?